EV charging projects, especially fast charging, often require electrical upgrades and new cost considerations from demand charges based on the highest amount of energy used at a time. With Greenlots’ Energy Management software solutions, you can efficiently manage energy load right at the charging port.

Solutions ensure the EV load does not exceed the building capacity while still making it easy for drivers to charge when they need to. Energy Management solutions allow you to increase the number of EV chargers at a site while eliminating or reducing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. We also offer Energy Management solutions for utilities to manage power supply and demand through EV Demand Response programs.

Greenlots energy management solutions help you reduce energy costs and eliminate the need for costly infrastructure upgrades by managing charging load.

Peak Load Management

Reduce electricity costs and manage peak demand changes by shifting charging sessions away from hours with high electricity costs with a cloud-based solution. Peak Load Management is highly beneficial for site hosts with unpredictable loads at their location.

FlexCharge Manager

Minimize peak demand charges and reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades by installing FlexCharge Manager and integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar and storage. You can shift consumption of energy to when it is less expensive or by drawing energy from a DER rather than the grid.

Demand Response

Manage grid load during times of peak demand by reducing power at the charger level within a utility service territory. Greenlots SKY platform enables utilities and grid operators to design and implement demand response programs that accommodate the charging needs of the drivers while maintaining grid reliability and security.

Ultra-fast chargers enabled by SKY Energy Management solutions in Zaltbommel, Netherlands

The integrated energy management system provided by SKY for the Shell forecourt in Zaltbommel enables more ultra-fast chargers to be installed at grid constrained locations. Learn more about sustainable charging at lower operating costs by downloading the Energy Management Case Study.
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