Installing EV stations at your apartment or condo provides a high-demand amenity while positioning your property in a positive light with both residents and visitors – and it supports the future of e-mobility.

Benefits to providing EV charging for your residents and tenants

Retain and attract residents, businesses and visitors Icon
Retain and attract residents, businesses and visitors
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Increase property values
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Achieve your sustainability goals

Benefits of working with Greenlots

  • previous page arrow Create a site design that maximizes value to your residents
  • previous page arrow Minimize the impact to your property
  • previous page arrow Pick from a broad range of EV charging equipment
  • previous page arrow Get real-time visibility into your charging fleet
  • previous page arrow Receive alerts and notification for faulty equipment
  • previous page arrow Get time-of-use charging reports
  • previous page arrow Customize your time-of-use charging rates
  • previous page arrow Minimize peak demand charges with smart charging software
  • previous page arrow Give drivers a mobile app that provides charging status, payment options and notifications
  • previous page arrow Provide 24/7 support for residents
With the right resources and information, apartment managers and condo associations can better prepare and plan for deploying EV charging stations on their property for their residents. The Department of Energy is a great resource for both employers and employees interested in having charging at their place of work.
EV charging at a glance
Gain a quick understanding of EV charging, how it works and how drivers can benefit.
EV Handbook
If you have a property suitable for hosting EV charging stations then then this guide is for you.

Electrify America: Fueling Stations of the Future

United States
Electrify America selected Greenlots to support its nationwide community-based electric vehicle charging initiative, focusing on workplaces, apartment buildings and condos... Read More