EV charging projects, especially fast charging, often require electrical upgrades and new cost considerations from demand charges based on the highest amount of energy used at a time. With Greenlots’ Energy Management software solutions, you can efficiently manage energy load right at the charging port.

Solutions ensure the EV load does not exceed the building capacity while still making it easy for drivers to charge when they need to. Energy Management solutions allow you to increase the number of EV chargers at a site while eliminating or reducing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. We also offer Energy Management solutions for utilities to manage power supply and demand through EV Demand Response programs.

Install more chargers without infrastructure upgrades, reduce utility bills, and avoid peak-pricing charges at your site:

Peak Load Management: Reduce electricity costs by reducing peak demand charges

Prevent or curtail charging sessions during hours when the cost of electricity is high. This capability is highly beneficial for customers that face unpredictable loads at their location, as well as for fleet owners who need vehicles fully charged by a specific time without exceeding load limits. Based on utility tariffs, you can manually set the maximum site load for specific hours during the day.

Integrated DER & Storage: Reduce utility bills and green your energy supply

Distributed energy resources (DER), such as energy storage systems, provide you with additional power that can be used when electricity prices are higher than normal. Greenlots can easily integrate DER into charging systems, enabling you to minimize costs by pulling energy from the DER, rather than the grid peak electrical use.

Fleet Smart Charging: Lower cost of charging at depots

Reduce electricity costs by preventing or limiting charging sessions during hours with high electricity costs, while ensuring vehicle use schedules and site load limits are met. Minimize the cost of fleet charging sessions while meeting operational schedules. Simply input load limits and vehicle schedules and get notified on when to charge each vehicle and at what charger.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Demand Response for Utilities

Ensure grid stability by planning for how much electricity is used by your customers at a given time

Greenlots SKY platform enables utilities and grid operators to design and implement demand response programs that accommodate the charging needs of the drivers while maintaining grid reliability and security. Built on open standards, our software uses OpenADR 2.0b and OCPP 1.6 protocols and allows utilities to effectively control active charging loads on the grid.

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