The dramatic growth anticipated in the EV sector – with half of new car sales predicted to be electric by 2040 – will create an equally dramatic demand for electricity; securing a stable grid tomorrow depends on innovative charging technology today. At Greenlots, we provide utilities with innovative, open, and data-driven solutions to help you serve this new EV customer load while maintaining the reliability and stability of the electrical grid.

How Greenlots helps Utilities:

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Proven success in implementing utility EV programs
We understand the unique challenges utilities face so we can successfully develop and implement EV charging programs that accelerate EV adoption. Our EV charging solutions help utilities manage EV charging infrastructure as well as plan for future development. Greenlots can help utilities develop charging programs to accelerate EV adoption, offering the latest in network solutions –all while providing a seamless charging experience for drivers.
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Efficiently manage your EV charging infrastructure
Our software offers unique insights into the utilization profile of your EV charging stations deployed throughout your service territory. By providing advanced analytics and support, Greenlots helps you manage your current EV charging infrastructure and plan for future development.
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Ensure grid stability with Demand Response
Greenlots is leading the EV industry’s focus on open standards. Our software is built on Open Standards, supports OpenADR, and enables you to successfully design and implement EV Demand Response programs that accommodate the charging needs of drivers while maintaining grid reliability and security.
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Transform charging assets into a flexible grid resource and avoid expensive grid upgrades
EV charging demand can be unpredictable, making it complex to manage as part of a broader energy grid. Greenlots’ EV charging solution allows grid operators to aggregate and control their EV charging loads to ensure an efficient and balanced grid. By helping utilities manage your EV charging load, your power usage and capacity requirements can remain the same —so you don’t have to expand distribution infrastructure and can target new investments.
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Provide a seamless customer experience
Greenlots’ global network of fast-chargers operates at 98% uptime with more than 2,000 charging sessions occurring on our network each day. We ensure that your charging stations maximize their uptime and provide a streamlined charging experience for EV drivers with our extensive 24/7 support.
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Built for the long haul
As part of Shell, Greenlots has the financial backing we need to continually invest in innovation, and ultimately to scale network growth as EV demand increases. We pride ourselves on our promise to deliver on time, on scope and, of course, at scale over the long-term.

We provide our Utility customers:

  • previous page arrow Strong end-to-end customer experience from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • previous page arrow Our software is built on open standards, including OCPP 1.6J (certified by Open Charge Alliance), OpenADR, OCPI
  • previous page arrow Wide selection of Greenlots validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project
  • previous page arrow Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence
  • previous page arrow Convenient online charging management tools and data reporting
  • previous page arrow Trusted Shell brand with a strong financial backing
  • previous page arrow Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand
  • previous page arrow Continued investment in innovative EV charging solutions
  • previous page arrow Robust Data Privacy policies
  • previous page arrow Comprehensive operations & maintenance services through Greenlots Care and extensive 24/7 driver support

Southern California Edison (SCE) Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot

Southern California
At SCE in Southern California, Greenlots has deployed nearly 100 Level 2 chargers throughout SCE's territory as part of their Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot. This pilot has enabled testing of pricing scenarios via a web-based platform and driver messaging, as well as seamless enablement of demand response. Insights gleaned from these projects serve as the blueprint for utilities looking to adopt and expand EV infrastructure.
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Driving EV Adoption in Iowa with MidAmerican Energy

In 2019, Iowa-based utility MidAmerican Energy announced a first-of-its-kind effort to build a largescale fast-charging network across the state. MidAmerican partnered with Greenlots to meet the ambitious goal of providing EV drivers with a reliable network of EV charging stations. To learn more about how Greenlots’ seamless project delivery is providing reliable and convenient EV charging infrastructure to EV drivers, download the Case Study.
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