Electric mobility will enable communities and governments all over the world to improve air quality, invest in the local economy, enhance livability, and meet aggressive climate action plans.

We help communities of all sizes — including city, state and federal governments — prepare for the rapid introduction of electric vehicles by deploying resilient and future-proof EV charging infrastructure accompanied by policy guidance, stakeholder engagement, and industry expertise.

Accelerate your region’s electric mobility movement by partnering with Greenlots to deploy community-wide EV charging infrastructure — including both public charging stations and fleet charging — that is fully integrated and future proof. Greenlots can help serve as the electric vehicle industry connective tissue that makes a complex web of utilities, cities, states, federal government, automakers, policymakers, regulators, and EV infrastructure companies work together seamlessly.

Immediately improve air quality Icon
Immediately improve air quality
Stimulate the local economy and job creation Icon
Stimulate the local economy and job creation
Improve property values  Icon
Improve property values
Attract residents and improve visitors’ experience Icon
Attract residents and improve visitors’ experience
Meet city sustainability goals Icon
Meet city sustainability goals

Greenlots offers start-to-finish EV infrastructure solutions

Cities that want to create a roadmap to the future of e-mobility turn to Greenlots for everything from infrastructure best practices to complete grid-enabled EV charging solutions. Here’s how we do it:
  1. We listen to your needs, understand your challenges and will work with each of your departments and develop a city-wide network that can be integrated into your communities unique systems.

  2. We provide site recruitment and development. We identify ideal charging locations, work with facility owners, and engineer the system layout for reliable and convenient charging. 

  3. With our broad range of EV charging partners, we can provide the latest charging technology and hardware that meet your facility’s power requirements.

  4. Our white-labeled mobile app gives drivers the info they need to charge on the go while promoting your city brand.

  5. Once the chargers are installed and you are ready to launch your program, we will provide ongoing maintenance and support.

We understand your region’s priorities and can help you develop strategies that connect your communities by creating a reliable and robust EV charging landscape that meets the needs of the increasingly substantial fleet of public and private EVs traveling on your corridors today and into the future.

Greenlots is helping Los Angeles to electrify its fleet

Download City of Los Angeles Case Study

You will learn about the partnership between Greenlots and the City of Los Angeles to deploy and manage public and fleet charging infrastructure for multiple city departments including the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).