Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleets Electrification

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This report guides you through the EV market, policy landscape, and electrification process of your medium- and heavy-duty fleets to support smart decision-making.


Cities and companies around the globe are electrifying their fleets to save on fuel and reduce operating costs, while meeting environmental targets and goals. At Greenlots, we provide fleet operators with the comprehensive technology and services to make the transition to electrification easier and more affordable by enabling companies to deploy and maintain their EV charging infrastructure at scale.

Benefits of electrifying your fleets with Greenlots

Optimized TCO Icon
Optimized TCO
Incur lower maintenance and no fuel costs with EVs as well as spare money on electricity with Greenlots smart charging capabilities integrated with vehicle telematics and route management platforms.
Fleet control Icon
Fleet control
Stay in full control of your entire fleet with an integrated Greenlots EV charging system integrated with your existing fleet management platform.
Save total cost per mile Icon
Save total cost per mile
Increase route mileage per charge thanks to smart charging capabilities, as well as vehicle telematics and route management platforms.
Leverage Incentives Icon
Leverage Incentives
Greenlots will help you identify and leverage existing state and federal incentives that support fleet electrification.
Route planning and charging strategy Icon
Route planning and charging strategy
Ensure your electric vehicles are fully charged and ready to go when needed with Greenlots SKY EV Charging Network software and smart charging capabilities.
Financing options to match your operating requirements Icon
Financing options to match your operating requirements
Pay a monthly subscription fee over a fixed term instead of all upfront costs once for you EV charging infrastructure with our Charging as a Service offering.

Greenlots EV charging solutions for fleets

  • Site assessment, permitting, engineering, system design, installation and commissioning
  • Cloud-base software with real-time visibility into charging station performance
  • Schedule charging based on vehicle priority and distance to travel
  • Wide selection of hardware
  • Smart charging optimization
  • Customer support for site hosts and drivers

Volvo Lights Case Study

Learn how Greenlots is demonstrating the benefits of its smart charging and optimization tools through the Volvo LIGHTS project, a breakthrough multi-year pilot in Southern California where fleet operators will use newly electrified heavy-duty, battery electric trucks and equipment to move freight throughout the region.


Major Incentive Programs Across America

Utilities and governments are investing billions of dollars to help you electrify your fleet. Some programs require no fleet operator investment at all, while others provide funding at a small cost. Although the transition to fleet electrification is never completely free, one thing is for certain – these programs are limited and will benefit early adopters.


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