Southern California Edison (SCE) Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot

Southern California
At SCE in Southern California, Greenlots has deployed nearly 100 Level 2 chargers throughout SCE's territory as part of one of their Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot... Read More

Cities & Communities

Los Angeles: Enabling the Los Angeles Sustainability Plan (pLAn)

Greenlots works with the City of Los Angeles to deploy and manage public and fleet charging infrastructure, working with multiple city departments... Read More


BMW: Working with Greenlots to Transform Mobility in Singapore

BMW and Greenlots have partnered to install and operate charging stations at more than 70 locations across Singapore... Read More

Kia: Charging with Soul

When Kia rolled out its Soul EV in late 2014 as part of its Clean Mobility Program, it chose to partner with Greenlots to provide hardware acquisition and network service management for its new infrastructure network... Read More


Autodesk: Nationwide Workplace Charging

United Estates
Greenlots has deployed and managed Autodesk’s workplace charging at campuses across the United States, from California to Massachusetts... Read More

Electrify America: Fueling Stations of the Future

United States
Electrify America selected Greenlots to support its nationwide community-based electric vehicle charging initiative, focusing on workplaces, apartment buildings and condos... Read More