Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleets Electrification

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This report guides you through the EV market, policy landscape, and electrification process of your medium- and heavy-duty fleets to support smart decision-making.
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Companies and cities around the globe are electrifying their fleets to reduce operating costs while meeting environmental targets and goals. At Greenlots, we provide fleet operators with comprehensive and scalable technology and services to make the EV transition efficiently without compromising operational effectiveness and adding to fleets’ commercial competitiveness.

How Greenlots helps Fleets:

Reduced TCO Icon
Reduced TCO
Incur lower maintenance costs with EVs and keep electricity costs low with Greenlots energy management capabilities. With vehicle telematics integration and route management platforms, increase vehicle performance and reduce maintenance costs over time.
Fleet control via API integration Icon
Fleet control via API integration
Stay in control of your entire fleet with the Greenlots EV charging system integrated via APIs with your other existing fleet management solutions.
Reduce capital and operating costs of the charging stations Icon
Reduce capital and operating costs of the charging stations
Committed to OCPP open standards, we provide only the highest performing charging hardware for your site. We work with our installation partners to understand how to keep construction, installation, and total site costs low and to complete projects on-time.
Leverage Incentives Icon
Leverage Incentives
Identify and leverage incentives and rebate programs to keep capital costs low, including California LCFS credits and utility or regional incentive and rebate programs.
Route planning and charging strategy Icon
Route planning and charging strategy
Ensure your electric vehicles are charged according to their schedules and leverage opportunistic charging in route to extend the time a vehicle is on the road with our SKY EV Charging Network software.
Financing options to match your operating requirements Icon
Financing options to match your operating requirements
Reserve capital for infrastructure investments core to your business with our flexible subscription-based Charging as a Service offering for EV charging infrastructure.
Significant experience working with fleets Icon
Significant experience working with fleets
Achieve EV transformation efficiency due to our extensive expertise helping lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty operators electrify their fleets. We work with you to understand your business drivers, use cases, duty cycles, and unique challenges to build a fully integrated, best fit solution to meet your needs, deliver business value, and provide the ability to scale.
End-to-end solutions Icon
End-to-end solutions
You get comprehensive solutions for your EV transformation that include site assessment, permitting, system design, installation, and operation and maintenance. We provide you with one partner to meet your EV charging needs with a trusted, fully integrated solution backed by Shell.
Omni-fuel solutions from Greenlots and Shell Icon
Omni-fuel solutions from Greenlots and Shell
Benefit from Shell’s solutions and expertise, including energy purchasing, on-site renewable generation, decades of experience working with fleet providers, and superior solutions for optimizing and managing a fleet transitioning from traditional fuels to electric vehicles.

We provide our Fleet customers:

  • previous page arrow Trusted Shell brand with strong financial backing. Extensive experience working on large companies’ fleet electrification projects
  • previous page arrow Ability to deliver EV infrastructure at scale, considering the full capital and operating costs of a project and all possible integrations, such as DERs
  • previous page arrow Strong end-to-end customer experience from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • previous page arrow Convenient online charging management tools and data reporting
  • previous page arrow Extensive 24/7 driver support
  • previous page arrow Comprehensive operations & maintenance services through Greenlots Care and extensive 24/7 driver support
  • previous page arrow Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence
  • previous page arrow Robust Data Privacy policies to protect your business
  • previous page arrow Wide selection of OCPP-compliant Greenlots-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project

How can catching a cab drive us to a cleaner energy future?

See how Greenlots is helping an almost 100-year-old taxi company in Columbus go electric.

Columbus Yellow Cab fleet electrification

We worked with Columbus Yellow Cab to install public DC fast-charging stations at Yellow Cab’s depot facility and along several heavily trafficked routes throughout central Ohio to provide charging for its light-duty taxi fleet.
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Volvo Lights: On the way to heavy-duty fleet electrification

Learn about key considerations from the Volvo LIGHTS Project – an innovative partnership between Volvo Trucks, The California Air Resources Board, and 14 other organizations to pioneer a range of heavy-duty electric vehicles and EV charging solutions critical for the commercial success of battery electric trucks and equipment.
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