As demand for EVs continues to grow, so does the need to provide reliable charging that is compatible with our current grid infrastructure. Utilities require innovative and data-driven solutions to help them serve this new EV customer load, while maintaining reliability of the electrical grid.

Our software offers utilities unique insights into the utilization profile of their EV charging stations deployed throughout their service territory. By providing advanced analytics and support, Greenlots helps utilities manage their current EV charging infrastructure and plan for future development.

In addition to software, we can help utilities develop their very own EV charging program to help accelerate EV adoption. We offer the latest in network solutions that can be custom-tailored to reflect your utility brand, while offering a seamless charging experience for your customers.

Greenlots has the technology and expertise to help utilities manage their charging network and deliver driver-friendly EV charging programs to their service territory.

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Southern California Edison (SCE) Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot

Southern California
At SCE in Southern California, Greenlots has deployed nearly 100 Level 2 chargers throughout SCE's territory as part of one of their Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot... Read More