From installing, designing, and operating EV charging stations to fully supporting roaming between multiple EV charging networks, Greenlots has the technology, tools and services auto OEMs need to expand their business by offering new services to EV drivers.

Extensive experience working with auto OEMs to develop solutions

We have extensive experience working with auto OEMs including Volvo, Ford, and BMW. We have a deep understanding of how to successfully execute complex EV charging projects for large automakers and understand your and your respective EV drivers’ unique requirements and needs. We have expertise in collaborating with different stakeholders to constantly evolve the EV industry.

Demonstrate charging at your dealerships Icon
Demonstrate charging at your dealerships
Get charging stations installed at your dealership centers to ensure your EVs are charged and to provide a full demonstration of electric vehicle and EV charging experience.
Increase EV sales with our charging solutions Icon
Increase EV sales with our charging solutions
We work with auto OEMs to offer your EV customers a comprehensive solution that includes both electric vehicles and EV charging. We offer charging solutions for automakers that make selling EVs easier by enabling your EV customers (including fleet customers) to charge wherever they need to.
Provide EV charging access via mobile app Icon
Provide EV charging access via mobile app
Provide EV drivers with access to charging stations via your mobile app platform. Our support of roaming and API integration allows you to add EV charging functionality, deepening relationships with your customers and providing ongoing customer engagement throughout the life of their vehicle use.
Enable automatic authentication of a vehicle and a charger Icon
Enable automatic authentication of a vehicle and a charger
As more EV choice comes to drivers, connected vehicles with easy “Plug & Charge” capabilities will be a mandatory standard feature. Greenlots enables the ISO 15118 standard, which allows EVs to automatically identify and authorize themselves to charging stations, enabling drivers to charge their vehicles seamlessly and securely, without the need for point-of-service payment.
Seamless EV charging experience for your drivers Icon
Seamless EV charging experience for your drivers
Provide a network of EV charging stations to allow drivers to easily charge their electric vehicles on-the-go and eliminate range anxiety.
Differentiate from competitors Icon
Differentiate from competitors
Stand out among competitors by offering your customers comprehensive solutions that include EV charging as well as configuring customer group programs to offer incentives and discounts for EV charging.

We provide our Automaker customers:

  • previous page arrow Significant experience working with leading auto OEMs
  • previous page arrow Comprehensive operations & maintenance services through Greenlots Care and extensive 24/7 driver support
  • previous page arrow Trusted Shell brand with strong financial backing.
  • previous page arrow Ability to scale network growth to meet increasing EV charging demand
  • previous page arrow Trusted software solutions built on open standards, including OCPP 1.6J (certified by Open Charge Alliance), OpenADR, and OCPI
  • previous page arrow Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence
  • previous page arrow Robust Data Privacy policies to protect your business
  • previous page arrow Wide selection of OCPP-compliant Greenlots-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project
  • previous page arrow Continued investment in innovative solutions tried and tested in our R&D facilities

Greenlots provides Ford EV drivers with a comprehensive and easy charging solution

Greenlots and Ford worked in partnership to develop the FordPass™ Charging Network, North America’s largest EV charging network. This industry-first collaboration enables drivers of Ford EVs to charge seamlessly – across all major charging networks – via the FordPass mobile app integrated with the Greenlots open standard technology platform.
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Greenlots is a smart charging provider for the first heavy-duty fleet charging project of Volvo Trucks. Greenlots is installing L2 and DC fast chargers integrated with onsite solar PV and energy storage systems at Volvo warehouses.
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Greenlots and BMW partner to bring EV charging to drivers in Singapore

BMW and Greenlots have partnered to install and operate charging stations across Singapore. Together with BMW ChargeNow, Greenlots makes the EV charging process simple and easy.
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Greenlots Solutions for Automakers

Take advantage of new electric mobility market opportunities with Greenlots. Find out more about the solutions we offer to automakers by downloading the brochure.
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