Widespread EV adoption depends on drivers’ ability to access charging stations throughout the cities and towns where they live and work. Greenlots solutions help municipalities deliver broad electrification, developing and integrating a diverse set of products and services that can operate on the same system – and enabling drivers to charge their vehicles wherever they are.

How Greenlots helps Cities:

Solutions developed specifically for cities’ needs Icon
Solutions developed specifically for cities’ needs
We understand the challenges you face so we can help you successfully develop and implement EV charging programs to accelerate EV adoption. We offer the latest in network solutions to meet cities’ needs while offering a seamless charging experience for drivers in your region.
End-to-end EV infrastructure solutions Icon
End-to-end EV infrastructure solutions
Greenlots provides cities with everything from infrastructure best practices to complete grid-enabled EV charging solutions so you can develop strategies that connect your communities through e-mobility. We enable EV adoption at scale across urban transportation modes, including municipal fleets, trucks, and passenger vehicles while anticipating cities’ future development needs and ensuring grid reliability and stability.
Meet the needs of your city’s EV drivers Icon
Meet the needs of your city’s EV drivers
Wide adoption of EVs depends on broadly available and reliable charging infrastructure. We provide an excellent driver experience, with a seamless app interface, 24/7 driver support, uptime and maintenance services, and strong data privacy policies that protect city residents.
Improve air quality and meet bold emission targets  Icon
Improve air quality and meet bold emission targets
Reduce GHGs and local air pollution through EV adoption, and measure and report on these environmental impacts with Greenlots’ EV charging solutions.
Meet the needs of your city fleet Icon
Meet the needs of your city fleet
Meet your city’s sustainability and emissions goals with our comprehensive solutions that enable successful city departments’ fleet electrification.
Achieve collaboration between multiple stakeholders Icon
Achieve collaboration between multiple stakeholders
Greenlots can serve as a driving force to convene utilities, government, automakers, policymakers, regulators, and EV infrastructure companies to work together seamlessly and achieve cities’ transportation electrification goals.

We provide our Cities customers:

  • previous page arrow Ability to deliver EV infrastructure at scale, considering the full capital and operating costs of a project and all possible integrations, such as DERs
  • previous page arrow Ability to scale public and municipal fleet EV charging through our open-standards based solutions
  • previous page arrow End-to-end customer support from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • previous page arrow Continued investment in innovation in EV charging solutions
  • previous page arrow Extensive operations & maintenance services and 24/7 driver support
  • previous page arrow Wide selection of OCPP-compliant Greenlots-validated hardware to find the best-fit solution for your project
  • previous page arrow Trusted Shell brand with a strong financial backing
  • previous page arrow Advanced payment security and anti-fraud systems to ensure customer confidence
  • previous page arrow Robust Data Privacy policies
  • previous page arrow Convenient online charging management tools and data reporting

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