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United States

  • California

    The Charge Ready Program is making the installation of EV charging stations more cost-effective for businesses, governments, and multi-family properties across Southern California Edison’s service territory.

    This program is deploying over 35,0000 EV charging ports across workplaces, multi-family properties, destination centers, public agencies, and light-duty fleet depots through a combination of utility-provided make-ready upgrades and, in some cases, EV charger rebates. SCE is also offering turnkey solutions for around 2,500 chargers at multi-family properties in disadvantaged communities.

    PG&E is offering a program to support the installation of around 700 Level 2 and DC fast charging sites (totaling around 8,800 ports) by 2024 to support 6,500+ electric vehicles deployed across numerous medium- and heavy-duty fleet applications. Varying charger rebates are offered, in addition to make-ready support.

    The program will support a minimum of 3,000 medium- and heavy-duty on-road and off-road class 2-8 vehicles at 300 customer sites throughout SDG&E’s service area, offering utility-provided or incentivized make-ready upgrades, plus rebate for up to 50% of charger costs in some disadvantaged communities.

    SCE’s Charge Ready Transport (CRT) Program offers low-to no-cost make-ready/electrical system upgrades to support the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment for qualifying vehicles. The program provides a unique opportunity for fleet operators choosing to acquire electric vehicles by providing support and reducing the costs with installing the necessary charging equipment. The program will support the installation of around 900 Level 2 and DC fast chargers by 2024.

  • Delaware

    The State of Delaware is offering rebates up to $3,500 per port for Level 2 EV charging stations for public charging, workplace, fleet, and multi-family applications.

  • District of Columbia

    Pepco is incentivizing a make-ready program for up to 35 Level 2 and 20 DC fast charger electric vehicle chargers for public, taxi/rideshare or transit bus use. Pepco will install, own, and maintain the service connections and make-ready infrastructure – this can include equipment on both the utility and customer side of the meter.

  • Georgia

    Georgia Power business customers may qualify for a $500 rebate for each new Level 2 charger with dedicated circuit purchased and installed. Additional incentives for higher powered chargers may also be available.

  • Maryland

    This incentive offering will rebate 50% of the cost of eligible Level 2 electric vehicle charging equipment, warranty, and installation up to $5,000 per charge port. Additionally, Baltimore Gas & Electric will also rebate 50% of the costs of eligible DC fast

    This program is aimed to support the installation of approximately 50 Level 2 multi-unit dwellings, including make-ready that will be utility owned and operated. This incentive is eligible for multiunit dwellings only.

     This program is aimed to support the installation of approximately 1,000 Level 2 stations for single family and multi-unit dwellings. This program also offers 850 single family Level 2 rebates, including make-ready, and 200 multiunit dwellings for Level 2 rebates, including make-ready. This incentive is eligible for public charging, single family, and multi-unit dwellings.

  • Massachusetts

    National Grid will provide up to 100% of make-ready infrastructure costs for qualified Level 2 and DC fast charger stations.

  • Michigan

    DTE offers rebates that fully or partially fund the EV Supply Infrastructure and Charging Stations for business and commercial electric customers. Level 2 stations may receive $2,500 per port, and DC fast charger stations may receive up to $55,000 per charger.

  • New York

    This program, offered by investor-owned utilities across New York, will provide up to 90% of make-ready infrastructure funding for publicly accessible charging, and up to 50% of make-ready infrastructure funding for non-publicly accessible charging.

    Investor-owned utilities in the state of New York support an annual incentive for publicly accessible fast charging infrastructure of at least 50kW units meant to offset a portion of demand charge costs. Specific funding amounts vary by utility.

  • Rhode Island
    • National Grid will provide up to 100% of electrical infrastructure and installation costs for EV charging stations supporting a variety of use cases. Funding remains available for Level 2 stations supporting light-duty fleets and public transit stations, and for DC fast charger stations that are publicly accessible or serving school buses or rideshare vehicles.

  • Wisconsin

    This program offers a rebate for the purchase and installation of a new Level 2 charger eligible in commercial, community, single family, and multiunit dwellings. The offer includes up to $500 for a single plug-in unit, $1,000 for a dual port unit, $1,500 for a dual port networked unit.

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  • National

    Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) is funding this 5-year, $280 million program to increase EV charging stations in Canada. Funding will be delivered through cost-sharing contribution agreements for eligible projects, focused on public places, on-street, multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces and light-duty vehicle fleets.

  • British Columbia

    BC Hydro and FortisBC work with the Government of B.C. to offer provincial rebates for the purchase and installation of Electric Vehicle chargers and infrastructure to get homes, apartment buildings and workplaces across B.C. ready for EVs. A variety of incentives are available depending on project specifics.