Greenlots SKY Enterprise software is an end-to-end EV charging network management solution that simplifies owning and operating charging infrastructure.

Asset management Icon
Asset management
Network-wide monitoring shows analytics and health of every charging port and related components at a glance, including real-time status of EV chargers, updates and reporting.
Flexible pricing options Icon
Flexible pricing options
Set time of use rates by incorporating pricing signals from a third-party source, such as ISO or utility day-ahead pricing. Set your own rates by time intervals to incentivize charging during certain periods, or set up a connection fee and offer free charging. You can even create a monthly subscription plan and tailor it by group, with both virtual groups – say new users who get a free month of charging – or a physical group, such as individuals at a certain workplace who get a discount.
Predictive analytics and usage reporting Icon
Predictive analytics and usage reporting
By taking advantage of utilization data, our SKY Insights module offers predictive insights into when maintenance will be required to mitigate unplanned downtime or failures, with proactive alerts helping to increase charger uptime.
Service, operations and maintenance Icon
Service, operations and maintenance
Our advanced service technology enables you to monitor individual EV charging stations and all the surrounding components. We also offer a 24/7 customer support center to assist users and ensure charger availability.
Driver engagement and mobile app Icon
Driver engagement and mobile app
Deepen customer engagement with our white-labeled mobile app and web portal that provide a smooth, integrated experience - drivers easily locate chargers, enjoy multiple payment options, check charging status and get notifications.

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