We’re changing our name to accelerate our mission

We’re proud to announce that Greenlots will become Shell Recharge Solutions early next year. As Shell Recharge Solutions, we’re creating a clean energy ecosystem that will change the world for the better. With a vision of a net-zero tomorrow, we’re breaking down barriers to electric mobility. We’re connecting the dots and solving the current pains of EVs: from telematics and onsite battery storage to an expansive roaming network. While our name may be shifting, the excellence we deliver remains the same. We’re enabling cleaner transportation for everyone and driving a low carbon future together.

Shell Recharge Solutions

Shell Recharge Solutions will continue to design, build, and support smart charging solutions for businesses, fleets, retail locations, cities, and on-the-go charging.

Shell Recharge

Drivers will interact with Shell Recharge, including through our driver app and portal. Drivers will be able to continue accessing over 60,000 charging stations through our roaming agreements via the Shell Recharge app.

Expanding our integrated offerings

NewMotion, a European leader in EV charging solutions part of the Shell Group, will also be rebranding to Shell Recharge Solutions. Uniting under one brand, we will better meet our customer needs – from enhanced turnkey solutions to an extended EV charging network and expanded software solutions. Together, we will accelerate the journey to net-zero and support more people in their switch to electric.

Under our new brand, we will continue to deliver value to our customers

<b>Scaling our business for better customer experience</b> Icon
Scaling our business for better customer experience
As Shell Recharge Solutions, we will continue to support customers in their transition to electric mobility, all under one seamless brand experience. We will provide a suite of software-based, white label and turnkey solutions for business and public charging.
<b>Providing an integrated offer for our Fleet & Mobility Solutions partners</b> Icon
Providing an integrated offer for our Fleet & Mobility Solutions partners
Businesses increasingly need integrated solutions to convert their fleets to electric. Businesses need assurance that their EV fleets will never run out of charge regardless of their fleet size, type or where they need to charge. Shell Recharge Solutions can provide our customers with high quality solutions at scale and across geographies. Our fleet charging services allow businesses to monitor and control their EV fleet TCO and integrate EV charging with optimized fleet management.
<b>Creating a smarter, more sustainable energy grid</b> Icon
Creating a smarter, more sustainable energy grid
The energy and mobility transitions are happening now. As electric vehicles on the road and renewable energy on the grid rapidly increases, the role of smart EV charging is essential. We will continue to develop smart charging solutions across the energy value chain that look to integrate cleaner energy supply and load management. Together, we will create a sustainable infrastructure, with solution design, charging hardware, installation and infrastructure management tools.
<b>Meeting the needs of a growing charging infrastructure everywhere</b> Icon
Meeting the needs of a growing charging infrastructure everywhere
By 2030, there will be at least 125 million plug-in vehicles on the roads, compared to just 10 million today. As electric mobility goes mainstream, we need to significantly grow EV charging infrastructure. Together, our business installs a new charge point every 20 minutes and operates over 80,000 charge points, providing the foundation to Shell’s goal of operating 500,000 charge points by 2025. The rebrand will tie together Shell’s global charging offering under one identity, supporting our focus on enabling cleaner transportation, for businesses, fleets, and on-the-go public charging.

Questions you might have

How will the rebrand add value to my work with you?

The decision to rebrand the businesses is driven by our customer first approach. Customers are looking for integrated solutions to convert growing fleets and entire cities to electric power. As our customers continue to place their trust in us, together we will help you to not only transition to electric mobility but also to improve your operational capabilities.

What impact will there be for customers?

The rebrand is designed to help streamline our customers’ experience and make it simpler for them to make the move to electric. Current customers will be able to use all our existing services with no impact due to the rebrand, although our digital and physical assets will be rebranded to reflect our new brand identity, Shell Recharge Solutions.

Will you continue to have a white label offering?

Yes, we will continue to offer a white label offering to customers who want a fully branded experience for their drivers.

Does the rebrand impact our current partnerships or projects?

No, existing partnerships and projects will continue to be delivered as planned. The only change will be the use of new branding on assets.

How will this make the charging experience better?

By harnessing the knowledge across the breadth of Shell Recharge Solutions, we aim to continuously improve our customers’ charging experience.

Will this interrupt services?

This will not interrupt any services and operational continuity will be seamless.

Learn about our successful projects that will build the future success for Shell Recharge Solutions

Ultra-fast chargers enabled by SKY Energy Management solutions in Zaltbommel, Netherlands

The integrated energy management system provided by SKY for the Shell forecourt in Zaltbommel enables more ultra-fast chargers to be installed at grid constrained locations. Learn more about sustainable charging at lower operating costs by downloading the Energy Management Case Study.
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Columbus Yellow Cab fleet electrification

We worked with Columbus Yellow Cab to install public DC fast-charging stations at Yellow Cab’s depot facility and along several heavily trafficked routes throughout central Ohio to provide charging for its light-duty taxi fleet.
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Volvo Lights: On the way to heavy-duty fleet electrification

Learn about key considerations from the Volvo LIGHTS Project – an innovative partnership between Volvo Trucks, The California Air Resources Board, and 14 other organizations to pioneer a range of heavy-duty electric vehicles and EV charging solutions critical for the commercial success of battery electric trucks and equipment.
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