Cities, automotive OEMs, and fleet operators around the globe are electrifying their fleets to save on fuel, reduce operating costs, and meet environmental targets and goals: To learn more about our capabilities for fleets click here.

Benefits of electrifying your fleets

Reduced Maintenance Costs Icon
Reduced Maintenance Costs
EVs have significantly fewer engine parts compared to ICE vehicles and do not require oil changes or exhaust treatments
Save Significantly  on Fuel Costs Icon
Save Significantly on Fuel Costs
With EVs there is no need to spend money on liquid fuel that is subject to unpredictable and sometimes drastic price fluctuations.
Cut Greenhouse  Gas Emissions Icon
Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
EVs do not emit any pollutants into the air while being operated, which leads to better air quality and helps mitigate climate change.
Save on Capital  Expenditures Icon
Save on Capital Expenditures
You can reduce the need for CapEx thanks to state and federal programs that support fleet electrification and EV infrastructure.
Show Corporate Responsibility Icon
Show Corporate Responsibility
Fleet electrification is a commitment to environmental protection, sustainability and social responsibility that improves brand reputation.
Be a Leader in  New Mobility Icon
Be a Leader in New Mobility
Companies that electrify their fleets demonstrate their innovation and leadership in electrified transportation amongst their competition.

Greenlots EV charging solutions for fleets

  • Site assessment, permitting, engineering, system design, installation and commissioning
  • Cloud-base software with real-time visibility into charging station performance
  • Schedule charging based on vehicle priority and distance to travel
  • Wide selection of hardware
  • Smart charging optimization
  • Customer support for site hosts and drivers


Volvo Lights Case Study

Learn how Greenlots is demonstrating the benefits of its smart charging and optimization tools through the Volvo LIGHTS project, a breakthrough multi-year pilot in Southern California where fleet operators will use newly electrified heavy-duty, battery electric trucks and equipment to move freight throughout the region.


Transform Your Fleet

Download The Complete Guide to EV Adoption

This guide walks you step by step through the process of transforming your fleet to EVs with valuable data that supports smart decision-making as you embark on optimizing your fleet.


Major Incentive Programs Across America

Utilities and governments are investing billions of dollars to help you electrify your fleet. Some programs require no fleet operator investment at all, while others provide funding at a small cost. Although the transition to fleet electrification is never completely free, one thing is for certain – these programs are limited and will benefit early adopters.


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