Fleet electrification has substantial benefits for fleet owners and operators including maintenance and fuel cost savings, more predictable fleet management costs, government regulations compliance and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Greenlots Electric Fleet Charging Solutions will help you significantly decrease total cost of ownership and increase operational efficiency of your electric vehicle fleet. Our open EV charging software with site load and energy management modules enables you to monitor and control your charging costs.

Our hardware-agnositic platform allows for the largest selection of chargers enabling customization of each site and fast, scalable installations across your required service area locally, globally, or anything in between.

Reduced Upfront Costs Icon
Reduced Upfront Costs
Our software can limit electric vehicle charging within the capacity of your building's electrical load without considerably retrofit and installation costs
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Smart Energy Management
Our smart charging energy management module allows you to adjust charging speed and time, avoiding high electricity bills by charging your fleet only during off-peak times.
Hardware-agnostic Icon
Our software works well with the largest selection of EV charging equipment. You can choose the best hardware mix that meets your needs.
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Cloud-based Control
We provide cloud-based real-time control dashboards that allows you to manage charging sessions, view energy usage reports, as well as insights from predictive analytics.
Flexible Pricing Icon
Flexible Pricing
With our software you can manage how much every user pays and at what times they are charged.
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24/7 Charging Support
We provide 24/7 North American based customer service.

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