Greenlots is hear to help you install EV charging stations at your facility.  We provide the hardware, software and support services to ensure that your projects stays on budget and on schedule.   To learn more about our capabilities click here.

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We offer multiple brands of charging stations and supply equipment
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Get professional site assessment and design assistance
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We can provide the construction, installation and maintenance
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Invest in a future-proofed network platform and services
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We can brand our web and mobile app for your network
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Our Turnkey Approach to EV Charging

  1. Policy Development: The Greenlots global policy team works with you to support program and policy development at the local, state and national levels.

  2. Site Identification, Recruitment and Acquisition: We work with facility owners to develop site plans, manage permitting, collaborate with local regulators and officials, and design an EV charging layout that allows drivers to easily access and charge their vehicles.

  3. Engineering & System Design: Greenlots system engineers design and install Level 2 and DC Fast Charge EV charging infrastructure. By evaluating the site energy load and power requirements, the team recommends optimal system design that ensures reliable charging.

  4. A Broad Choice of Charging Hardware: Our large partner network and open standards-based software allow you to select the charging hardware that is best suited for your site and charging needs.

  5. A Software Platform with Driver Engagement: Our cloud-based software solutions give you the ability to deploy charging infrastructure, while our mobile app provides high-quality driver engagement.

  6. Operation & Maintenance: Once chargers are energized, Greenlots O&M services ensure that your charging stations maximize their uptime and provide a streamlined charging experience for all drivers.


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