From installing, designing and operating EV charging stations to participating in shared mobility programs, Greenlots has the technology, tools and services automakers need to expand their business by offering new services to EV drivers: To learn more about our capabilities click here.

Build your EV Charging Network

  • previous page arrow Create an open and shared network of EV charging stations to allow your drivers to easily charge on the go.
  • previous page arrow Use our SKY™ Network Operating Platform to manage fleets of EV charging stations across geographical areas.
  • previous page arrow Easily view real-time charging status, receive instant alerts on faulty equipment, adjust retail price rates, and receive vehicle-specific charge usage reporting.
  • previous page arrow Configure a customer group program which can be assigned discounts for specific charging stations, customer segments, or locations.

Take your Ridesharing Program to the next level

As communities are expanding and attracting new residents, governments and city planners have to manage both the increase in car emissions and the increase in traffic congestion.

Ridesharing programs coupled with electric vehicles can reduce both traffic and pollution, helping to alleviate the daily grind of commuting.

Greenlots works with automakers to develop ridesharing plus EV programs that are custom tailored to their EV drivers.

BMW: Working with Greenlots to Transform Mobility in Singapore

BMW and Greenlots have partnered to install and operate charging stations at more than 70 locations across Singapore... Read More

Kia: Charging with Soul

When Kia rolled out its Soul EV in late 2014 as part of its Clean Mobility Program, it chose to partner with Greenlots to provide hardware acquisition and network service management for its new infrastructure network... Read More