Workplace charging in an office campus

A Fortune 1000 company based in the San Francisco Bay Area needed a workplace charging solution to allow its employees to charge their EVs at work in its LEED certified building. In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, it wanted to give the option for a zero-emission commute to its employees. We helped them by proposing an end-to-end solution that took care of every aspect of setting up a workplace charging program. Specifically:

Pre-Purchase Consultation

  • We provide close consultation for siting and usage considerations
  • We help you engage and inform multiple stakeholders (e.g.: employees, senior management, facilities staff)
  • Citing examples of best practices at other workplaces, we help ensure your charging program is professional, efficient and hassle-free

Charging System Tailored for the Workplace

  • Configure the right charging hardware based working environment, number and types of EVs, as well as available electricity supply
  • Propose a suitable software package for the customer’s profile, which considers if:
    1. there is intention to collect charging fees
    2. access to charging for certain users will be restricted to certain hours
    3. members of the public are allowed to charge
    4. specific data points want to be collected and analyzed

Turnkey Solution

  • Greenlots always provides a central point of contact along every step of the process: from pre-analysis, to site surveys to ordering your hardware and after-sales support

Municipal Commuter Station

Electric vehicles and public transit are perfect partners in a modern city. This major US metropolitan authority wanted to encourage EV commuters to use its park and ride program and sought to set up charging stations across several commuter stations for public access. A key success factor of the project was continued growth in charging station utilization, and also to study the impact of different price levels on usage rates. A summary of the unique features are described below:

Wide Range of Charging Stations Types

  • Each station had different parking environments. For each scenario, Greenlots proposed a charging station type that would match the setting.
  • A more robust, weatherproof model was perfect for open parking lots that did not have 24/7 security.
  • We offered a model with cable management for locations with high pedestrian traffic so charging cords did not pose a trip hazard.
  • Other locations had regular parking garages, and dual charging cables serving multiple parking spaces maximized the reach of each station.
  • Fast charging stations, while available, were not offered for this use-case as drivers would park for extended periods of time while they commuted elsewhere by train.

Custom Data Collection

  • The customer wanted to see peak periods when customers plug-in, average length of stay as well as utilization rate trends.
  • We tailored a monthly report that would automatically pull data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in a summarized report format or raw data for further analysis.
  • For a public charging scenario like this, setting the right price to charge is a critical decision. We drew on broad industry experience that guided them towards a fee structure that encourages use while still keeping a cost advantage to gasoline for the driver. SKY’s advanced pricing module also made it easy for them to experiment with different prices at the click of a button.

Comprehensive Support

  • As always, we provide one easy contact for payment, technical, and other charging related questions and support

Urban-Area Power Utility

A large regional utility known for its leadership in sustainability and smart grid technology planned to add a network of public fast chargers in one of North America’s greenest cities. This included integrating existing charge stations that were non-networked on to an open, standards-based backend platform. To ensure easy access for public use, the utility steered away from subscription-based membership cards; instead to have a system that allows users to simply drive-up, pay for and begin charging. Being a leading utility, the customer requested for a backend system that would be “future proof” and will be able to easily integrate coming smart grid technologies.

Flexible Payment System

  • We delivered a system that supports three payment methods, including the most ubiquitous: credit cards, payment via mobile app and a simple phone number that you can call to get a charge; all on a fully secure and PCI compliant platform
  • Members of the public did not have to sign-up to start charging, but could still do so to get additional benefits like notifications, charging history and charging progress information.

Integrating Legacy EV Stations

  • In-line with our commitment to open standards, we worked with the existing hardware vendor to upgrade all stations on a common standard.
  • Operating on an open standard secures our customer’s significant investment in charging hardware by ensuring flexibilty to switch backend providers if the need arises.

Tiered Station Management; and future-proof for the Smart Grid

  • Most of the charge stations were installed at stores, city buildings and other properties where the owner had the autonomy to directly manage their stations.
  • Through SKY’s tiered station management, we provided site hosts with the Enterprise tier that allowed them to manage their station, set prices, implement usage policies and collect charging data;
  • While the utility had a higher-level Network Operator tier which allowed them to collect and analyze network-wide data without having to worry about the day-to-day operations of managing charge stations