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Greenlots is helping utilities, cities, automakers, and businesses build the new mobility infrastructure with our advanced software and services. Our enterprise EV charging platform and turnkey solutions give customers the technology and support needed to deploy EV charging stations at scale.

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Avista: Industry-leading Pilot for Utility-led EV Charging Deployment
At Avista Utilities in Spokane, Wash., Greenlots provided a turnkey, scalable solution. Avista’s innovative project included multiple subscription and charging models, centralized purchasing, installation and warranty of equipment, white labeling of customer portal, mobile app, hardware and demand response using DC fast charging and Level 2 EV charging stations in public, residential and workplace settings. Greenlots worked with Avista from concept through hardware selection, training, maintenance, and support.
Southern California Edison (SCE): Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot
At SCE in Southern California, Greenlots is deploying close to 200 charging stations in 40 locations as part of SCE’s Demand Response Workplace Charging Pilot. This pilot uses time-of-use (TOU) and multi-tiered premium pricing to simulate Critical Peak Pricing scenarios, day-ahead and day-of dispatch and curtailment of charging stations, and post-charging occupancy fee for space management. Greenlots provides a web-based platform with real-time data, reports and analytics, real-time driver messaging and seamless enablement of demand response. The pilot provides a number of valuable insights to the industry as a whole, including that plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) load is an effective, addressable load for demand response, and that workplace charging is a key enabler for EV adoption.


Los Angeles: Enabling the Los Angeles Sustainability Plan (pLAn)
Greenlots works with the City of Los Angeles to deploy and manage public and fleet charging infrastructure across more than 500 square miles. The city is targeting 50 percent of new city fleet vehicles to be electric by 2017 and 80 percent of new fleet vehicles by 2025. Greenlots works with multiple city departments, with the largest implementation so far at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). With the largest fleet in the city and as the first department to go electric, the LAPD is already live with its first 100 BMW i3s, out of 500 EVs in total. The LAPD fully-optimized charging hub will be the central node of part of a much larger planned citywide charging ecosystem.


BMW: Working with Greenlots to Transform Mobility in Singapore
BMW and Greenlots have partnered to install and operate charging stations at more than 70 locations across Singapore. The team has plans to triple the number of stations and locations in Singapore over the next two years. Together with BMW ChargeNow, Greenlots makes the EV charging process simple and easy.Learn more about the BMW and Greenlots ChargeNow Program


Kia: Charging with Soul

When Kia rolled out its Soul EV in late 2014 as part of its Clean Mobility Program, it chose to partner with Greenlots to provide hardware acquisition and network service management for its new infrastructure network. Greenlots’ open standards–based platform allowed Kia to determine its own pricing model and offered its customers flexibility in charging across the country.


Autodesk: Nationwide Workplace Charging
Greenlots has deployed and managed Autodesk’s workplace charging at campuses across the United States, from California to Massachusetts. Since initial deployment in 2013, EV adoption among Autodesk employees has expanded beyond all initial estimates.
electrified america
Electrify America: Fueling Stations of the Future
Electrify America selected Greenlots to support its nationwide community-based electric vehicle charging initiative, focusing on workplaces, apartment buildings and condos. Greenlots will provide end-to-end deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for up to 900 stations in metropolitan areas including Boston, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego. Greenlots will work with businesses and facility owners to provide turnkey charging stations, making it easy for property owners to offer EV charging. Electrify America will fund this initiative as part of its $2 billion investment in charging infrastructure across the United States.Learn more about Electrify America’s plan to build the largest network of chargers!