Greenlots Announces the First Demand Response Certified Charging for Electric Vehicles

You have heard that electric vehicles en masse can cause the grid to overload and drive up the cost for utilities to maintain it. It used to be that utilities kept the grid running by ensuring there was always enough supply going into it. Often this meant keeping dirty coal, diesel or risky nuclear plants running, even if the grid did not need them. Demand response is helping utilities move away from this by making electricity use more efficient.¬†Demand response is the ability for the utility to inform you using price signals when the grid is overstretched and the ability for you to respond by reducing unnecessary electricity loads.¬†OpenADR is the most widely adopted open-sourced standard for demand response and is now in version 2.0b, but did not have the ability to speak to electric vehicles until now. Greenlots’ SKY Smart Charging platform is the first to achieve certification with OpenADR2.0b, thus paving the way for any EV to be grid-friendly.

Read the full press release here.